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Without scripting: Select the range: Go to start of the area, press Alt+L, go to the end Edit, Export data (or Shift+E) pick "raw bytes" and enter filename in the Outpuf File field. With scripting: idc.savefile(filename, 0, startAddress, size)


I managed to solve the issue by using the following idapython code: operand_value = get_operand_value(address, 1) for segment in Segments(): if operand_value >= segment and operand_value <= SegEnd(segment): op_hex(address, 1) op_offset(address, 1, idaapi.REF_OFF32, -1, 0, 0)


Red highlight usually means that the address is not valid. You need to create a segment covering the target address range for it to be shown as a label.


I have found out that if in the disassembler you give the type to the function that is being called, then the ida python function will work as it should.

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