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try: printf '\x31\x09\x32' | xargs python


According to this page, you can try this command : dd if=/dev/mtdblock/0 bs=1 skip=4116 count=2048 | strings > /tmp/cfe.txt


The original one was a native executable and this one is build in .NET by utilizing a Mono.Cecil library to get the assembly information so if I would have to answer your first question I would answer - no, they are not the same. Not sure about your second question as original one was Windows executable so there's no point installing it on Linux. I would ...


If you have U-Boot shell, changing bootargs environment variable to add the single keyword and then issuing the boot command should drop you into a root shell. Use printenv to see current args and the boot command.


IDA does not update memory map after each step since it can potentially take a long time. You can try to either use “run to”(F4) instead of stepping or force refresh by calling refresh_debugger_memory() IDC function.

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