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Is a rootful jailbreak necessary to debug imessage with ida pro for <= ios 16.0.3?

You can still jailbreak IPhone X, iOS 15.0 - 16.7 and achieve rootful using palerain. You will then be able to use tools like frida and debugserver to ...
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How to decode lua files and resource files that are protected from Frida and IDA64?

As with other cocos2dx games there's a function called xxtea_decrypt which you can see being called via IDA, Ghidra, etc; - the third parameter is the key, s: Going to unk_117E730: The key is as ...
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IDA Pro: JDWP error:ABSENT_INFORMATION desired information is not avaiable

Try debugging on a device that has a less recent API level (try 27 or lower). I remember a similar issue that I resolved by running a not-too-recent Android version via the emulator bundled with ...
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Retrieve & dump type information from IDA Pro

It's obviously doable (you already noted the Create C header file functionality), but if you want to customize the output, you'll have to code it yourself. Here's what you'll need: ida_typeinf....
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how to access the initialized data in windbg through offset from IDA

I just followed the guide from blabb. In my IDA, it's Edit->Segments->Rebase program. The image base is 0x1C0000000 instead of 1C0001000. The PE has some other headers before the section headers(...
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IDA Pro Debugging GDB SendDbgCommand

Here is updated code in case anyone ever runs across this issue in the future. The error was happening because idt_entry was missing the first for 0xFFFF some reason just appended the missing value ...
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