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Many programs, especially malware, start a suspended child process (CreateProcess variants), overwrite its code with their own (WriteProcessMemory with or without VirtualAllocEx) and resume the main thread (ResumeThread). Also look for ReadProcessMemory, it is possible that the call to OpenProcess that you see is actually the same process reading from its ...


It looks like you are looking for some hooking frameworks. You can check detours and Frida for this purpose. Check in particular this example.


which debugger are you using ? most debuggers will decipher the handle on the spot that is you can find out the handle info when you have broken on the WriteProcessMemory() Call itself here is how you can do it with windbg i am debugging ollydbg and olllydbg ais debugging calc.exe ollydbg is setting a breakpoint in calc.exe (uses WriteProcessMemory() ) ...

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