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If I get your question right This link can help you to get the password of office files.


Relax. Don't panic. Those "highly suspicious binary bytes" are the UTF-8 representation of U+2026, which is the Ellipsis .... It's just to print exactly that string that you're quoting. It probably got shortened by an algorithm to make it fit in a preallocated space. The fact that you can disassemble it into "valid opcodes" does not mean a thing. You ...


This script is mostly obfuscated through renaming of variables and function names. I recommend using a tool such as Visual Studio Code Where you can right click the variable or function and select option "Rename all occurrences" and give everything human readable name. You can search for how a variable or function is generally used and give it a name based ...


ConfuserEx unpacks your executable at runtime and then gives control to it. After the ConfuserEx loader finishes its job you can dump the memory and the assembly. In order to avoid detection, you can restort to SysInternals Process Explorer or ProcDump to dump the live process after the loader has finished unpacking. This avoids early interference with the ...

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