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check is a symbol name inside your binary - meaning it's just a name of the function the Ghidra can recognize.


the file has many zlib chunks one 7z chunk several pngs etc PNG :\>grep -obUaP "\x89PNG|IEND" foo.img 1737436:%PNG 1738231:IEND 1740163:%PNG 1744626:IEND 1791365:%PNG 1806922:IEND 1807844:%PNG 1811066:IEND 1813932:%PNG 1829489:IEND 1830411:%PNG 1833633:IEND 7z :\>grep -obUaP "7z\xbc\xaf\x27\x1c" foo.img 1833641:7z¼_'∟ zlib (there may be false ...

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