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Need help reverse engineering a usb firmware patching tool

I've made a quick research - if you're getting [!] No devices found prompt this is likely due to the updater getting no adapter results with the below WQL query: I guess checking if you have ...
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Should shell32.dll be in executable search path for winword.exe with WinDBG?

As i commented the area you are disassembling does not look like a valid code As to how did it happen you should know better you have provided the address for disassembling 0x7ffc6b54000 and that ...
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Malware analysis - Debugger hangs at HttpSendRequestA

I don't know if it's still a problem for you, but it might be related to this: and more particularly this ...
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Brother DCP-L2550DW Identify Toner Reset TN-760 or TN-730 (Continued)

If it is still interesting for someone- the pads are: SDA, GND, SCL, VCC(~3V)maybe standard 3.2v; from left to right in front of printer/or as seen connector inside. The VCC is not constant, starting ...
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