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You are given only the code of the main() and winner() functions because only these ones are relevant for the exploitation. But, of course, the binary embed also the code of malloc() and free() which are taken from the original Doug Lea's malloc() function. If you want to reproduce the same binary with the code, you may need to add the code of the original ...


Kaitai use own format and has a good library, you can try it. Web Ide for review:

2 As of early December Ghidra has RISC-V support in master. It should be added to the 9.2 release, until then you would have to build from source.


This depends on what you mean by "extract". AFAIK old phones typically had a monolithic firmware, without explicit partitions or filesystem. However, there still could be some kind of structure, especially for non-code parts like strings, layout of the menus, or images. There is no common standards for this so while there may be some commonality for the same ...

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