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433MHz Protocol: Unknown Three-Symbol-Encoding within the OOK data

Reverse engineering the protocol of a remote-controlled wall socket (433MHz On-Off-Keying) revealed an embedded pattern which apparently uses three symbols (besides 0s). Symbol A = 000001 Symbol B = ...
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Identifying the logic in remote control data packets

I have a set of 4 power sockets that can be turned on and off with an RF remote. That remote has 4 pairs of on/off buttons along with a master pair that can control all sockets at once. Initially, the ...
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There is an implant in me, is there a way to identify the frequency it is receiving signals on?

There is an implant in me, is there a way to identify the frequency it is receiving signals on? I don't want to share the evidence and my reasoning for believing there is an implant in me, you can ...
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How to replay a signal on a different frequency with Gnu Radio Companion and Hack RF

I captured the traffic of a remote control for a LED light. I have multiple of those LED Lights. The payload seems to be the same for each device but the frequency(channel) differs. For one LED light ...
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Decipher hexadecimal GPS coordinates from UDP message

I'm trying to get the GPS lat/long data from a UDP message. It's captured on a radio dispatch console on a P25 radio system, if that helps. I captured this UDP message when I sent a simulated ...
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Recovering data from mystery signal

I was scanning the airwaves using my RTL-SDR and found a signal being broadcast locally that I was able to receive. When I configure the SDR Console V3 software to NFM, I get the following audio. (Wav ...
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Need help with a PiWM encoding question

I am working on reverse engineering a signal that I am fairly certain is a PiWM encoding. I think I have figured it out, but the data seems to be gibberish so I am looking for some help to confirm ...
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Radio Signal 433.92MHz ASK OOK modulation, encoding?

Considering a key fob for RKE (remote keyless entry, automotive) its signal has been captured: It sends at 433,92MHz simple on/off. Following I regard the deltas (time differences between on-off or ...
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Interact with a 868,95 MHz device

I've got a device that measures the heat in my apartment and sends the data to a master every day. It works on 868,95 MHz frequency. I want to be able to read this data. I've got some basic in Arduino,...
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System for reverse engineering RF signals

Lately I've been experimenting with software-defined radio (SDR) and have come up with some heuristics by which I can visually identify certain kinds of signals by looking at their representation on a ...
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Which instrument is effective in discovering carrier frequency?

If two devices have wireless interconnection, how to detect carrier frequency? Range may vary in all radio, from FM, GSM to Wi-Fi and WiMax. Which tools are effective for doing this? Which one is ...
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Intercepting GSM communications with an USRP and Gnu Radio

I would like to know what is needed to intercept GSM communications with an USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) and using Gnu Radio. Is there tutorial about that ? What type of USRP is ...
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