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For questions about reverse engineering hardware and software related to Global Positioning Systems.

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Need help understanding why Netflix prevents me from downloading with VPN

When using Netflix via the Windows desktop app with a VPN, streaming movies works fine but downloading does not. The download gets automatically paused, and after a minute it shows error code DL1-...
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extracting time latitude and longitude from hexadecimal file

I am working on a GPS dump file. It contains the time as well as position data of a flying object. I am not sure in what units they are and there are no manuals available about the data format. I am ...
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Decipher hexadecimal GPS coordinates from UDP message

I'm trying to get the GPS lat/long data from a UDP message. It's captured on a radio dispatch console on a P25 radio system, if that helps. I captured this UDP message when I sent a simulated ...
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How to convert hex data to decimal degree latitude and longitude? [closed]

I have been trying to decode GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) which is in HEX format, and the documentation doesn't have a clear explanation, please help me out. I'm adding some examples below....
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What is the format of this time?

I'm trying to interpret a bunch of bytes I'm receiving from a GPS tracker. There are 3 sequential bytes that I believe mean hours, minutes and seconds. I recorded timestamps along with the messages I ...
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Android: How many ways for getting GPS location

I'm using XPosed for faking gps location. I have faked and tested successfully these two apis: FusedLocationApi from GoogleApiClient LocationManager including two methods: requestLocationUpdates and ...
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