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DOS .exe File Decompiled in Cutter Program Showing Different Than In IDA Pro

I am having an issue when using the Cutter Reverse Engineering Program, Here is a Segment of Decompiled Assembly, in Cutter :- at 0000:4ed5 in the picture I posted the .string line of text is there, ...
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1 answer

Cutter shows addresses relative to stack but not rbp. How to change it?

Look at the first image: Here what I get is var void *buf @ stack - 0x28. But I'm watching a tutorial there his Cutter shows like this: var void *buf @ rbp - 0x20. How can I change cutter to appear ...
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2 answers

How does IDA know the symbol names for classes and interfaces?

I am reversing a 32 bit library used by a Linux game (I am sure someone might recognize the engine used). I was messing around with cutter and when trying to compare it to IDA, which I have used in ...
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Cutter failing to XREF even a simple 1 line 'Hello world'

The disassembler yields 0 reference to the "Hello world" string! Anyone knows what might be the issue? IDA 8.2 Free and Ghidra find and shows the XREF as they are supposed to.
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Cutter cannot parse AUTDA instruction

I work on reverse engineering of an iOS software using Cutter, and receive several opcodes as "invalid". For example: <addr> 301ac1da invalid Looking up the hex ...
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