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Why shell code only with nop slide working for me?

Let's look up what the "weird instruction" does: Saves the current FPU operating environment at the memory location specified with the destination operand, and then masks all floating-point ...
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alphanumeric shellcode

Alphanumeric shellcode expects the location of the shellcode to be stored in a register, since the usual technique of call/pop can't be performed with the limited character set. In your example above ...
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WinDBG Hung on Shellcode Execution

can you clarify if the error you are getting is related to message that says this may be caused by another thread holding the LoaderLock ? if that is the case then it means you allocate memory etc ...
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Immunity Debugger - !mona suggest only supports automatically generating Metasplpoit modules. You can't get it to output the exploitation code in any other form. pvefindaddr already suggested a payload layout based on that ...
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