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A framework that provides information about security vulnerabilities and aids in penetration testing and IDS signature development.

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WinDBG Hung on Shellcode Execution

I've been trying to debug a piece of simple shellcode with Windbg. To go over the steps I took, I allocated a buffer for the shellcode with .foreach /pS 5 ( register { .dvalloc 400 } ) { r @$t0 = ...
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alphanumeric shellcode

I have generated an alphanumeric shellcode with this command: msfvenom -a x86 --platform linux -p linux/x86/exec CMD=/bin/sh -e x86/alpha_mixed BufferRegister=ECX -f python I am targeting a 32 bits ...
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Why shell code only with nop slide working for me?

I'm trying to understand the exploit for SLMail 5.5. Here is the basic flow : I'm able to control EIP and point to an instruction "JMP ESP" ESP is pointing to the exact start position of my ...
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Immunity Debugger - !mona suggest

I have been going through some tutorials for exploit development that use the !pvefindaddr command to help with creating unique patterns and discovering the offset. I know that mona has replaced ...
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Does learning Metasploit help me in reverse engineering and malware analysis?

I learned basis of assembly language with, both, AT&T and Intel style. After that I gone through buffer overflow and how to use shellcode with it. Should I go for Metasploit now?
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Is there an online service which provides the same functionalities as the Metasploit NASM shell?

Does anyone know if there exists an online service which provides the same functionalities as the Metasploit NASM shell ? Probably the above script can be ported to a standalone tool but I'm not very ...
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