I have a touchscreen Windows 8 tablet and I would like to be able to use this platform to easily browse control flow graphs in IDA Pro and display them to other people. There are a couple of problems I keep running into - but the earliest problem I ran into is that my tablet has no scroll wheel capability and no keypad with +/- on it, so I cannot zoom in and out of graphs. This is not necessarily a reverse-engineering question per se, but is it easily possible to enable zoom functionality on this platform in a way that I have not thought of yet? What would an extension to IDA that enables pinch-to-zoom require?


It looks like the program GestureKey would allow you to map gestures to keyboard or mouse actions, for use with IDA Pro:


There's a nice demo video of using GestureKey to allow pinch-to-zoom to work with Google Earth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_EoXY3Jhrw

Unfortunately, the developers of GestureKey have abandoned it, but it looks like you still might be able to get it from here.

You may also want to post your question in a more generic form to the Software Recommendations StackExchange.

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