Is it possible for a particular GUI element of a running program (on Windows platform) to be located in memory, such as a text element from a dialog box? For example, locating title text of a drop-down menu or text within an "About" popup box.

  • Have You Tried the FindWindow ,EnumWindiws,,getwindowtext functions – blabb Oct 8 '19 at 2:22

There Are Many Apis that can help you locate the pertinent windows
the simplest being FindWindow And GetWindowText
you can run a complete enumeration with EnumWindows using A user provided callback function
these are the for programming part

if you need a readymade option you can look for tools like spy++ that comes with visual studio or many other Gui Spy Programs ( I tend to use winspy++ from catch22.net )

here is a screen shot where I change the About Mozilla Firefox Caption in a live Firefox to some random text

enter image description here

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