I'm trying to reverse engineer a firmware for a vape mod. I've downloaded it from their official website. First I tried dissassemble it in IDA but it couldn't identify any architecture in it. Then I tried to examine it with binvis.io and it looked like this enter image description here

So judging from this image I made a conclusion that this file is compressed. After that I opened it in HxD. And I've got there some repeating bytes but I couldn't figure out what they mean yet.enter image description here

I would be very pleased if you could give me the direction for my next steps. And if you want to study that file for yourself, you can download it here. Firmware for asmodus minikin boost

And also you can check out their official firmware updater tool if this helps. Upgrade tool

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The binary is likely scrambled. At least the one for mine (Eleaf) is. Maybe there is a chance to read the unscrambled image out of the hardware using JTAG (if not disabled) The Eleaf Controller is labled "M091" and is a 48 PIN but did not find any routed JTAG connection onboard. A first step to find out what chip it is could be a check to which pins the crystal is connected to.

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