IDA v7 shows decompilation failure in 64bit ntoskrnl.exe file of Windows 10 build 18262. Here is an example of that:


I've loaded all the needed type libraries, PDB file, kernel mode header files (wdm.h, ntddk.h, ntdef.h etc.). But it doesn't change anything with that errors. The assembly is simple to translate. I found the error may be related to END OF FUNCTION CHUNK FOR NtQueryInformationProcess comment.

What can I do to remove this error? If you need any further information I can add that in this question.

  • Hex-Rays Decompiler is not perfect and bug free. It sometimes fails even on unobfuscated code. Try to use older or newer version of the decompiler. – MazeGen Dec 7 at 22:43

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