Is there a way to customize the format of IDA's decompiled code?


char buf[7]; // [rsp+5h] [rbp-1Fh]


char buf[ 7 ]; // [ rsp + 5h ] [ rbp - 1Fh ]


switch (c)


switch( c )
  • if you want it in the gui i dont know but if you can export the decompilation to a file using batch you can use say notepad++ and searchreplace '(' with '( '
    – blabb
    Nov 5, 2020 at 10:51

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Not possible, either through a configuration option or through a plugin. For example, here is the part of the code that prints the [rbp-1Fh] from your example:

qsnprintf(v16, v36 - v16, "[%s%c%ah]", gpPlatformStackPointerName, v20, v29);

I.e. the format string that produces it is hard-coded in the binary and cannot be modified.

  • Unfortunate, but thank you for your answer with reference!
    – j__
    Mar 14 at 3:15

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