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Maarten Bodewes
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Security professional with many years of experience with the practical application of cryptographic algorithms and protocols. I've helped with the design of protocols and API's within international standardization bodies. Over 30 years of general experience with computers, starting with MSX Basic at an early age. I've developed in Java for as long as the language exists (Kotlin is looking good too). I consider myself a polyglot though, and have learned many computer languages since my Computer Science study.

On the Crypto site I pride myself in giving easy to understand answers on questions relatively low on math. I'll never match the mathematical prowess of some of my peers, but a more practical answer is often called for. And as my picture indicates there isn't that much that escapes my attention. This also results in a relatively high amount of comments and edits. As of 2018 I got elected as moderator on the crypto site - which mainly means I have to keep re-evaluating myself, especially when it comes to closing questions.

My picture displays an owl behind a keyboard, staring through the screen at you. The owl probably is an eagle owl or little owl - depending on his mood. I can get a bit snarky when I'm confronted by somebody acting non-professionally.

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