I downloaded 3 different instances of Ghidra without realizing, and after I did the locate Ghidra command, it returned:

The second folder ghidra_scripts is unimportant and doesn't contain any instances in it, but the .ghidra folder had 2 instances in it and I went inside it and removed both 9.1 and 9.2 instances from it already and did the locate ghidra command again, and it was still there for some reason, so I tried to 'rm' it and it returned no such file or directory under this directory

I restarted my computer to see if it would still be there, and it is.

I also see a ghidra.rb file under /usr/local/Homebrew/Library/Taps/homebrew/homebrew-cask/Casks/ghidra.rb

I already did the brew uninstall Ghidra command and it returned

'Cask "Ghidra" is not installed

Should I remove this file under Casks before I continue towards redownloading Ghidra again?

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    Try SuperUser for package management/installation issues. Just because it involves Ghidra doesn’t make your problem to be about RE.
    – Igor Skochinsky
    Feb 19, 2021 at 23:54

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Yes, you can safely remove these directories. These directories are created by default in your home directory (System.getProperty("user.home")). These directories contain preferences, script/application logs and other “cached” files. (This cache path is decided using getUserSettingsDirectory()) divided by you Ghidra version.

Also, if you reinstall, rerun Ghidra, they get recreated.

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