I recently extracted a bunch of raw bytes (from wireshark) into a regular .txt file.
Because these raw bytes are stored in a text file, all those hex-digits are actually written as ASCII characters on the disk.

Now, I want to interpret the ASCII encoded hex-digits as raw bytes, because they actually represent a .jpeg image.

I alredy tried to copy paste the digits into ghex, (I work on Ubuntu) but ghex only allows you to paste data into the interpreted area, not into the byte-manipulation area.

Is there a simple way to do this?


Not really a reverse engineering question but,

Use this in the terminal:

cat textfile.txt | xxd -r -p > image.jpeg

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  • Thanks, but for which SE site is the question most appropriate? – J.Doe Mar 24 at 17:13
  • It is a general technical question. I'd say that it belongs on the main StackOverflow site – Yotamz Mar 24 at 17:21

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