I've seen multiple posts about the subject, but mine is a little bit more specific about what I want to achieve.

I have many times situations where Hex-Rays decompiler outputs 16 lines of code and I know this is a call to a inline structure function.

So the first step, I convert those 16 lines of code to a structure (i.e Matrix) which makes it a little bit more clear to understand what's happening

Then I'm stuck where I want to make it show as 1 line, which will call to the underline inline structure function Identity().

So those 16 lines of code:

enter image description here

Would show as s_mtx.Identity() or maybe Identity(s_mtx)

Is that even possible doing it within HexRays decompiler? Maybe some script I can write to do that?

This gets really tedious when you have a function with many matrix multiplications, vectors etc...

Maybe @IgorSkochinsky?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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