Lets say I'm debugging a game which I don't have the src code. This game was built with directx 9 and I want to dig into the more low-level stuff around it. I already did some hooks in some dx9 calls such as Present and EndScene to create some nice stuff for the game but I was wondering how people debug this kind of scenario in "real life". As almost every dx9 function is a virtual function of a class the analysis of it gets very hard very fast (at least for me) and I find myself lost don't knowing where exactly the functions are being called without debugging, etc. Another thing I was wondering is if it's possible to profile the dx9 calls to know some bottlenecks and stuff.

Any kind of help will be very appreciated here. Thanks in advance.

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I've used IDA for this, it has ability to load VTBL structures and apply them to the assembler code. So, I could see "call [IDirect3DSurface9.LockRect]" instead of "call dword ptr [edx + 0x64]"

  • I`ll take a look at this in a moment, thanks for replying! Dec 19, 2017 at 10:34

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