My goal is to

  1. extract function names,
  2. the libraries they come from (if the functions were imported),
  3. function arguments, and
  4. strings

from a .NET binary. How can I do this? Is this possible using tools like JustDecompile or .NET Reflector? Do they offer an API that allows to do this?

I noticed IDA's Function Window is populated, but the Strings Window is not. In addition, I guess it would be easier (e.g. to get function arguments) to use a tool that does decompilation...

PS: The code is not obfuscated, it is not malware but regular software.

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dnlib, used by the very powerful dnSpy (.net disassembler), is an open source .net library to analyse .net modules & assemblies which may be what you are looking for.

They also have an example similar to your use case:

Opens mscorlib.dll and then prints out all types in the assembly, including the number of methods, fields, properties and events each type has.


A while back i wrote this cheapo dependency tool. It's on my GitHub. https://github.com/marshalcraft/CheapoDllDependencyTool?files=1

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