I have a struct in IDA Pro that I want to export to a c-style struct. For example:

00000000 ICreateErrorInfo struc ; (sizeof=0x4, align=0x4, standard type)
00000000                                         ; XREF: sub_73C9D0r
00000000 lpVtbl          dd ?                    ; offset
00000004 ICreateErrorInfo ends

I want to export the above to something similar to:

typedef struct ICreateErrorInfo {
    int lpVtbl;
} ICreateErrorInfo;

I am also using HexRaysCodeXplorer if that helps.

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I've found the answer here.

It is possible to export a structure by going in Local Types (Shift+F1). Then select the structure you want to export and in the contextual menu choose either Edit or Export to header file. It is possible to export multiple structures by holding Shift when selecting them.

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    You can also export from the file menu. File -> Produce File -> Create C header file....
    – tmr232
    Commented Jul 12, 2016 at 18:43

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