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Hello There!

I'm most confident in c++ especially in backend. Currently I work in healthcare. My biggest achievements recently:

  • Migrating to MSBuild - migrated the project from a custom build pipeline to msbuild for faster builds. It included fixing circular dependency and editing vcxproj files.
  • Migrating to git (Azure DevOps) - also for increased productivity and the calm of our developers.

The above two is just side quests next to my daily work like creating new features, fixing bugs, writing tests. I'm also interested in games, this is why I'm getting into Unreal Engine in my free time. Also, I have an android project what combines Java, C++, and OpenGL ES.

I've already designed a level to CS:GO and I've learnt so much during this time about optimization, textures, models, pipelines and the whole process to ship something.

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