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Electrical engineer, college drop out, works as software developer, found his calling in digital and traditional art and animation

That's me ^u^


I have experience with c++, c#, python, and a bit from other programming languages

I'm experienced with development for windows and linux with gcc, and msvc compilers

Working with gui and abstraction libraries such as WinForms (rip), SDL, Win32, openCV

some experience with openCL

I'm also experienced with ARM (arm-none-eabi gcc, IAR), atmel 8 bit and pic MCUs

I'm capable of debugging code in assembly, and somewhat capable in writing it as well


capable of designing multilayer PCBs in cadSoft eagle and KiCad

I have experience in designing analog and digital circuitry


art, D&D, character and device design, 3d printing, exploring new (and mostly insane) ideas


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