Jeroen Wiert Pluimers

Makes things work.
Specialist in .NET, Win32, x64, C#, SQL, Visual Studio and Delphi.
Knows how to strike a balance between old and brand new technology to make things work.
DOS, mobile, big systems, you name it.

Surviving rectal cancer.
Married to a cancer survivor.
As curator responsible for his brother that has an IQ < 50.
40+ year member of world class marching band Adest Musica.
Trained and performed a few half marathons including 2013 NY and 2014 Naples, FL.

Twitter: jpluimers
Blog: wiert.me
github: jpluimers
LinkedIn: jwpluimers
Keybase.io: wiert
StackExchange/StackOverflow: stackexchange.com/users/14295