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I code to learn, and learn to code. I am a senior high school student and I have programmed for 5 years. I am interested in Brain-Computer Interface.

My projects

  1. Hello world - it prints in a console.
  2. Iris - my first Win32 GUI game. Its a game that flies an warplane.
  3. SangyeopVirus - My first Windows service. It kills Lol.exe periodically. I made it for a friend of mine.
  4. Ren - Its a program that changes/transcodes extension of files in a given folder.
  5. War of dduty - Its a 3D version of Iris. I studied OpenGL, OpenAL and ODE physics engine developing it.
  6. Medinology - Its a project for school contest. I developed it with my friends. Its a program that shows a disease name and required medicine when users check their symptoms. I learned Deep learning, java skills, reading/modifying/debugging Visual Basic codes, android development, and usage of JNI.This project earned us a big award.
  7. SanggeolTopia - A projct for learning LibGDX library.
  8. ArmDisasm - An android app that can decompile a shared library that runs on android platform. I used Capstone library and learned how to manage
  9. SynAnt - An android app that searches every synonyms of words in a given paragraph.
  10. LostExt - An android app that finds out extensions for files in LOST.DIR.
  11. Worker - An android app that enables feature-phone users to manage their smartphones using their old feature-phones via bluetooth OPP.
  12. AutoAccept - An android app that enables you to send any files from your other devices to your phone without having to click accept button. Requires root.
  13. SongSynthesizer - An android app that synthesizes songs when given lyrics and music notes.
  14. ChromeFix - An android backup utility that backups chrome browser's offline pages.
  15. PDF2TXT - An android offline pdf to txt converter.
  16. WikiIndexer - A desktop application that parses wikipedia articles in text(preprocessed by html2txt) and generates index files.
  17. Htm2txt - A desktop application that converts html files to txt files.

Hi, I am high school senior student in Seoul, Korea.


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