Simon Mourier

I work for a company that develops and sells ShellBoost, a component that allows developers to write Shell Namespace Extensions and Files On-Demand drives (aka OneDrive-like) easily using .NET languages. These extensions are out-of-process (.exe) so they don't crash Explorer and they follow Microsoft's hard recommendation to avoid injecting the CLR into Windows Explorer process.

I'm also the developer of the free tool www.magnumdb.com, a "Magic Number" database. It contains about 350000 values and names, int, guids, IIDs, PKEY, strings, windows messages, etc. heavily used in Windows APIs. Type a value, it will return the corresponding constants, and vice versa.

I can also develop custom code (C#, C/C++, .NET, Database, Web, Desktop, Mobile, etc.) in any domain. Don't hesitate to ping me.