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Sunny R Gupta
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The fastest way to learn technology is to build things at an early stage startup, and I've had the fortune of having worked at a couple of early stage ventures - building, breaking and rebuilding things from scratch.

Learned about rapid scaling, building sustainable experiences that wow consumers and got recognition by the likes of Apple and praise from the community. The go-to guy for quick MVP iteration, development, and testing out hypothesis. Followed up with solid platforms enabling businesses.

Turnkey projects:

  1. A custom UI Framework for KaiOS - built for cross-platform, multi-factor web apps.
  2. An in-browser furniture customization engine using CSS 3D Transforms. (textures, pricing configurator, 3D to JSON modelling)
  3. A back-office chat system enabling travel agents globally to share pricing info and deals.
  4. An e-commerce portal with 3 back-office channels running a multi-million dollar business.

Proud of: works at Fab and Hem receiving recognition from Apple. Receiving the 'Spot Recognition Award' at Jio for my work on the cross-platform UI Framework.

Apart from work, I like to stay in touch with the community - speaking at conferences and participating in open source.

List of articles written, talks given and meetups hosted:

Personal Blog:

Stackoverflow - top 9% of all users on the platform:

Open Source on GitHub:

Codementor, consistently 5 Star rated for helping other devs around the globe:

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