Mike Biglan MS

For the past two decades, I’ve been an avid technologist, striving to synthesize ideas into digital products that both provide enjoyment as well as societal benefit. In 2014, to amplify these desires, I founded Twenty Ideas Inc. and have evolved it into a high-end, 20-employee digital product agency with a mission of creating products with purpose. During these past five years, I also spun off a sibling organization, Koera Learning, the maker of LearningWrite.com a Spanish writing-practice application for schools and teachers powered by a novel Machine-Learning engine.

With a range of experiences from statistics to education and psychology to economics, I constantly use a variety of disciplines to solve problems, rally talented and creative team members, and create new technologies. We’ve built infrastructures, platforms, systems, and web and mobile Apps for a variety of organizations, from the XPRIZE foundation to organizations such as Avant Assessment, serving hundreds of thousands of students.

Before founding Twenty Ideas, I was the Head of Technology at the Silicon-Valley startup Joya, the creator of the popular Marco Polo video messaging App. All of these experiences help shape an ability to take disparate ideas and turn them into well-thought-out and well-produced digital products.

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