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Advantages of OllyDbg 1 over OllyDbg 2
20 votes

The main reason I believe is the scripts and plugins that exist for OllyDbg 1. has around 250 plugins for version 1 and only 30 for version 2. Ollydbg Version 1 plugins. Ollydbg Version ...

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How do I acquire SoftICE?
10 votes

Chances are that you are looking into old documents and training material if you are looking into SoftICE. There is no legal way of acquiring the software since it was discontinued at 2006. The last ...

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Where can someone interested in the topic learn more about Dynamic binary instrumentation?
Accepted answer
8 votes

There is a nice introduction on PIN at also a nice tutorial on Skype for Linux simple ...

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Where to find a hard crackme
6 votes

open an account if you don't already have at, then browse to I believe that you will find many that you will like.

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Linux protectors: any good one out there?
Accepted answer
5 votes

There is a nice article on Linux binary code protection at If your target is to protect your ...

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Firmware-Mod-Kit Increases Size
Accepted answer
3 votes

There is possible padding, try adding the -nopad option, assuming that you are using the same compression method.

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