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After the steps mentioned by @GameMaster Greatee look under the "Plugins" menu in the main x64dbg window or in the secondary menu in the Disasm window as well for an "xAnalyzer" entry. Source:


If you want to use x64dbg for debugging and at the same time IDA Pro for static analysis, I recommend you one of my favourite plugin: You can for example run your binary program in a VM with x64dbg and synchronize it to highlight the current instruction in IDA Pro and much more like auto rebase, controlling/BP from IDA, ...


Calls on x86/x64 are encoded based on how far the target is from the source, not as an RVA into the image. I.e., the number 0x1C88 is a distance, not an RVA. To find the RVA, follow the call to its destination, and then subtract that address by the module imagebase. Then, in IDA, press G and enter 0x140000000+[RVA HERE].

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