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Can I get a valid source code from this assembly?

For IDA Pro there are decompiler plugins available that can generate a code similar to C (if everything goes well). But IDA Pro + decompiler for the architecture you need is pretty expensive (1975 USD ...
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How to handle stripped binaries with GDB? No source, no symbols and GDB only shows addresses?

I used to use for tuning GDB but it's getting a bit dated, so I'd recommend now as a modern alternative.
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how to decrypt zte zxhn h108n V2.5.5_VDFT13 config.bin?

Hint : The Key Can Be found by using findstr /s "db_backup_cfg.xml" . bin\cspd: %s:%s,len:%d from flash userssid%d %s :%s, len:%d from flash dbPersonInitPSKKeyProduct ...
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