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The function's name isn't struct dynamic_array. The function's name is Mesh::CalculateBoneBindPoseBounds. The function accepts an argument of type struct dynamic_array<...>. There's no function named dynamic_array, as it's simply as structure defined within the binary. The name does imply we're dealing with an std::vector-like object, so I'd start with ...


Declare a new type in the local types window: union MZ_or_PE { IMAGE_DOS_HEADER *MZ; IMAGE_NT_HEADERS *PE; }; Then change the type of what you're currently calling module_base to MZ_or_PE. This will allow you to choose which interpretation you want that variable to have at every place where it's used.


Is there a way to check what are the fields inside this struct? The old fashion way. Follow that pointer around through the assembly and see what offsets are used and how. If you can find where it's created, you can know it's total size. If you can debug the program live you can set watch points and see what data actually gets put into each offset. The size ...


The first line can't be changed how you have it. I think you're misunderstanding the layout of the data structures or what your code is doing. module_base points to the base of the module and assuming it's of PE format, that's where the PE header should be. For backwards compatibility reasons, Microsoft kept the old DOS header as the root data structure. Up ...

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