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Decrypt the config file of ZTE F660 v9

Download script and config file Install zcu from KEY = SERIAL + MAC: CF28772Bf438d406f608 from paramtag IV = DefAESCBCIV: ZTE%FN$GponNJ025 from /etc/...
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How can I decrypt password of HG8145V5 PPPoE?

You need to edit the router's XML config, find this XML tag and edit your hashed password as below. <PreSharedKey NumberOfInstances="1"> <PreSharedKeyInstance InstanceID="1&...
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Help wanted identifying 4x mimo cellular data antennas in HR-01 5G router

I used a hackrf to monitor the signals on the MHF4 connectors of the antennas I could disconnect. ANT0 black is LTE and cell (disconnecting it caused the modem to fail to start with no connectivity ...
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Can an OpenWrt FIT kernel be virtualized in qemu?

I don't know anything about OpenWrt FIT format, but I've built an OpenWRT VM to run on OpenStack in the past, so virtualising your router image might be doable. My first thought was that you build an ...
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how to decrypt zte zxhn h108n V2.5.5_VDFT13 config.bin?

Hint : The Key Can Be found by using findstr /s "db_backup_cfg.xml" . bin\cspd: %s:%s,len:%d from flash userssid%d %s :%s, len:%d from flash dbPersonInitPSKKeyProduct ...
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Recreating ping command injection using curl instead using web page on Huawei router

Use the browser tools (F12 in most browsers) and check how request is sent when you perform the action in the web UserInterface. Some browsers even have a 'copy as cURL' context menu item for network ...
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Detecting and reading embedded filesystems on desktop Linux

Try using binwalk -e yourdump.bin. It will then try to extract the files within your dump and if a filesystem is found it will also extract those.
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