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How to send HID commands over USB? Laird BT820 in HID-Proxy mode

I believe I have been able to get the pairing to clear using this tool:
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Using struct objects and constructors in hooked function

This is been resolved here: Link So, the solution is to introduce the class structure functionally the same as the original one and then use the original constructor function to populate it. If the ...
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Charles TLS Proxy for Android device with root access

I will answer my own question because I figured out what was wrong. The app was not functioning correctly for a number of reasons that frustrated the analysis. For one, there were many advertising ...
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Proxy debugging tool doesn't capture traffic from some online games

Fiddler and Charles Proxy are web debugging proxies so they only capture http/s traffic. If the game doesn't use the http protocol the trafic wont appear in these tools.
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charles proxy only showing portion of requests?

The app might not transfer all the data over HTTP(S), but could use TCP or UDP as well. Check this answer to capture the traffic with Charles or use Wireshark.
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Capture traffic of android app on unknown port

Have you checked out Burp proxy? I always use Brup for any Android app, desktop app, website... and you don't even have to use ProxyDroid. Connect you ...
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