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How to get current PHP function name in gdb?

According to this link, it should be possible to find the function in use with the following steps: Attach gdb to the currently-running PHP process: gdb -p <processid> Load in the PHP .gdbinit ...
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Decrypting authorization PHP script

use a script like this to get a beautified php code edit do not use jsbeautier install pear and use PHP_Beautifier instead there are lot of white space differences between PHP_Beautifier and ...
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Can any one de-obfuscator this php code

Every single variable name has been randomized. Unless he gives you the source without the randomized names, you'll have to rename every variable by yourself in your php files if you want to get ...
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Decrypting authorization PHP script

Here's your deobfuscated file, note that I do not give guarantees, there was some manual work done and I may have removed important lines, more on that below: <? if (isset($_SESSION['id'])) { ...
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Decrypting authorization PHP script

This is not that hard task as one can image, only a bit tedious. First, you should reformat those files to have some of the structure reconstructed
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