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Changing the jne to je instruction causes program to generate error

If you want to swap a conditional jump you can use the wao command like this: r2 -qc 'wao recj @ 0x1343' -w YOURPROGRAM. But you can also use: wx 74@0x1343 wai jne 0x1351@0x1343 woa 01@!1 (there are ...
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Under what circumstances relative to instr rip+offsets to .rdata data may not match?

It has to do with how the sections are loaded into memory versus how they are laid out in the file. For locations within the same section, the in-memory distance versus the in-file distance will be ...
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Patching a B(ranch) causes segfault in ARMv7 binary, while the same patch (with JMP) works on x64 binary

Do you know the difference between jmp (B) and call (BL)? Read about return address, which is saved in the LR register (ARM) for 'BL'.
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Hex editing an IP address of a different length

IP addresses can also be represented as a decimal number, for example: == 878319731 This examples saves 3 bytes, maybe give this method a try and pad with 0x20. There are many sites to ...
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Convert Mach-O VM Address To File Offset

file_offset= address - segment.address + segment.offset + fat_arch.offset If does not contain Fat headers then fat_arch.offset = 0 Check if fat: otool -fh or lipo -detailed_info Architectures in the ...
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