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not sure what methodology you are looking for if the said gui is under some debugger you can simply detour a patch or if you are under the wndproc Thread of the gui You can use apis (for example for checking the menu wordwrap in notepad use CheckMenuItem(); ) or use the oldest trick SendMessage From an external App a demo and src of the third method ...


Get Themida. Just go to that page and look at the huge list of features... You will take your executable you built with Cython, and then input that into Themida. You have a bunch of different obfuscation options. Themida will heavily influence size and performance of the application, but a compromise can be made. I don't work for or endorse Themida/Oreans, ...


You can create a library on c/c++ and encrypt the memory access, however, with a debugger at the end the memory can be read. Notice that with the python module inspect you can not inspect native c/c++ libraries


Actually, I think this should technically be possible, without having put too much thought into it. Freeze all threads, save thread context state for all of them, enumerate all of the memory used by the program and dump it alongside meta data. A problem would be stuff like open handles (files, connected sockets etc.) but for programs within a limited scope ...

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