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How do I go about overriding a function internally defined in a binary on Linux?

First off, I would like to thank @wisk for his answer. We've been trying to patch some software running in an experiment on the ISS and building from his answer we were finally able to figure this ...
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how to print non printable address using python

You're describing encoding a Python int into bytes. In this case, the int is a 32-bit unsigned integer. Use struct.pack for this: >>> struct.pack("<I", 0x401199) b'\x99\x11@\x00' ...
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What to do when the .img is corrupted?

This img file is identified by file as a Linux kernel boot image. This type of file is (sort of) a self extracting archive, not a filesystem .img that is mountable. There is a standard Linux tool to ...
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Unix system with windows-style registry

This may be related to automotive. I had seen something like this in this repository, strings including /dev/registry/LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/BLAUPUNKT are mentioned directly here. Using word "...
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Updating legacy library in an already compiled binary

This is what I have done in similar cases but adapted to your scenario: Build the new open source library as a standard SO or DLL that is loadable by your target. If you're unlucky, you might need to ...
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Adding debug symbols with GDB

You could try ghidra2dwarf: Ghidra2Dwarf is a ghidra plugin that allows to exports informations (such as functions, decompiled code, types) from ghidra to dwarf sections inside ELF binaries. People ...
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