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Thought I found serial port - broke embedded device instead! Help?

Frying your board: Just touching one single pin of a chip, or connecting it to ground over a reasonably high-resistance voltmeter, will generally not fry a board. However, there are ways to fry a ...
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Thought I found serial port - broke embedded device instead! Help?

I had to add just a few things to have a clear mind (although the other answer is really good and got my up-vote already). Single pin touching with a probe can blow up your HW. And I do not mean the ...
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unknown chip on pcb

There are 2 'classic' series of logic ICs that are widely used. These are the 7400 series and 4000 series. The 2nd number on your chip, 4069, screamed at me 4000-series. Looking up 4069 in the list ...
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Reverse engineering modern Intel CPUs

From a now deleted Quora comment: Smart Imaging Technologies (archive) can reverse to the gate level and output VHDL, but I don't know at which cost 3D x-ray tomography is a new technique in vogue, ...
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Trying to identify this chip PS:Sorry Robert, I do not yet have the right to comment
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Bypassing motion control on LED light PCB

Theory of operation It's probably useful to understand a bit of how this works. Generally, the parts you have outlined in red are an infrared (IR) transmitter and receiver. It works by shining ...
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Bypassing motion control on LED light PCB

I ran into the same question/issue. Not happy with having to wave my finger at the exact (finicky) distance and speed, I discovered that you simply wire it opposite of the directions - basically wire/...
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Chip Identification in Push Button Toy

I am working on the same project right now. Just buy one of these: Dfb mini mp3 player costs 3bucks And you can load some aufio files via a sdcard
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Help to identify unknown IC from Microchip

The small chip is probably a one off chip made for whoever manufactured this board. Your best best bet is examining what the pins connect to and analyzing what they may do. Since its a one off chip ...
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