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I think you're talking about changing the appearance of Qt widgets and not only IDA widgets. If so, take a look at zyantific/IDASkins python plugin. There're also plugins in C++ if you prefer it.


Create two Python-functions (menu File-Script command...). First for printing EAX and second - for printing memory @FF27790 def view_ecx(): print GetRegValue("ecx") def view_memory(): print Byte(0xFF27790) Set breakpoints: @.text:0FD6268D - set condition view_ecx() and choose Python-type @.text:0FD62693 - set condition view_memory() and ...


Your Python code executes inside IDA’s process so you are getting results of the call on IDA, not the debuggee. If you want to execute code inside the process being debugged, you can use Appcall: http://www.hexblog.com/?p=113


You could run Yara with a set of crypto signatures. Is something like this what you are looking for?

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