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Android (4.4+) SSL wireless sniffing without certificate changing

(Copy of an answer I gave on Stack Overflow) You could try injecting code into the Android app to sniff and dump SSL traffic. Take a look at (5alt's fork works with ...
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Need help understanding "garbage" data in https request

The content is encoded with gzip per the Content-encoding header. You can use the decoder in Burp proxy (if that is what you are currently using) to decode the data or by using for intance gunzip in ...
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fakenet for apps using SSL

I am using burpsuite for HTTPS inspection. Need to install its root cert on the phone. Most apps does not verify cert, or uses phone cert store. Windows users often use Fiddler. These tools generate ...
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Mitsubishi MAC-577IF2-E WIFI controller Firmware file

Maybe found a better solution, see Should work on all Mitsubishi devices with a CN105 connector and needs no Melcloud service.
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finding rest api urls after decompiling apk

They might be stored encoded/encrypted and decoded/decrypted in runtime, you can validate this if you can capture any API calls in runtime (Not sure if you tried this, but maybe give it a try, in that ...
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Charles TLS Proxy for Android device with root access

I will answer my own question because I figured out what was wrong. The app was not functioning correctly for a number of reasons that frustrated the analysis. For one, there were many advertising ...
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fakenet for apps using SSL

It seems that most of the people are better using the mitmproxy tool (see docs) together with SSLsplit for this kind of usage. Just for the sake of completeness, here are a few pages explaining how ...
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WebSocket debugging in Javascript app gives "401 Unauthorized"

Ok, I figured it out. The websocket-client library I use for python writes its own Origin header by default and I was ending up with two Origin headers, which may have been tipping off the server. I ...
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Sniffing https traffic of an android app

If you're a Windows user, as a matter of dynamic analysis, you could try using an emulator like BlueStacks, then inspect your system network traffic with a program like Fiddler or WireShark. ...
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How to sniff HTTPS traffic of apps that ignore system proxy setting?

If you can install an extra CA, it shouldn't be a problem. Mitmproxy has documentation on how to set up transparent intercepting.
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Lutron Caseta Protocol over HTTPS

This isn't a complete answer but I don't have enough rep to comment yet. First off, giving us binary data with all the non-printable characters presented as ? doesn't help. Try piping it through xxd (...
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Reverse-engineer digest http authentication

So finally, I used Cycript and attached to the running app process, and consequently intercepted the private key in runtime.
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