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I'm writing this answer under the assumption the OP is within his legal rights to share the binaries. First of, I read up on password protected zip files. Apparently that is not part of the ZIP specification itself but an invention of WinZip. They have documented their format modifications and all details on this page:


There are ways to do it without resorting to hooking or drivers. For example alternate data streams (ADS), or creating files with "illegal", i.e. reserved, names (NUL, CON ... trailing ., alternative casing to an existing file). Yep, that's right a trailing dot in a file name is illegal in Win32, but the most frequently used file system (NTFS) has no ...


Try using Memory.patchCode to achieve this. Here's a short example. int test() { return 1024; } int main(int argc, char **argv) { printf("%d\n", test()); return 0; } When compiled this looks like [0x00400560]> s sym.test [0x00400656]> pdf ┌ (fcn) sym.test 11 │ sym.test (); │ ; CALL XREF from main @ 0x400670 │ ...

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