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Any ideas on how to decode Photoshop Liquify .msh files?

Here's a description of the .msh format on Adobe Photoshop CC 2019, at least of what I've been able to glean. The format uses run-length encoding to encode the offset coordinates of the mesh cells ...
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debugging a graphical msdos game

Please check this guide DosBox has additional internal debugger, but it has to be build with support for that.
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Tools for RE OpenCL Kernel

You may use cuobjdump, nvdisasm, or nvprune, three CUDA binary tools. You can find a full explanation of how to use it on this page. See also this question in SO (Disassemble an OpenCL kernel?).
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Deciphering an unknown graphics format

I'm not sure what the 'louie' files are for, but this python script should help reconstruct the images: import png # simple scale from [0,0x1f] to [0,0xff] def scale_up(n): return (n<<3)|n ...
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How is the I/O address space on the PC arranged?

Port I/O works similar to memory I/O, so the low byte (08) will be written to the port 3CE and the high byte (0xFF) to the port 3CF. Example from Use of bitplanes in mode 12h: The index port of ...
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How to extract .nsh file?

The files you linked, whilst all having an NSH extension actually appear to be slightly different archive formats. Each of these archive file appears to contains a number of graphics shaders compiled ...
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Live feed from a flatbed scanner?

I doubt it's possible without hacking the firmware since the standard scanner<->host protocols (e.g. TWAIN or WIA) only provide whole images (AFAIK).
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Which tools are available to see embedded image and sound data

You can try X-ways Forensics, it has nice option of analyzing any disk image or memory dump. Or perhaps another tool such as Restorator can also be used for the above mentioned scenario.
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