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Converting the numbers to ASCII, we get: 0 ~ 9 = 0 ~ 9 (0x30 ~ 0x39) 10 ~ 35 = A ~ Z (0x41 ~ 0x5a) 36 ~ 61 = a ~ z (0x61 ~ 0x7a) It is encoded this way probably to make it human-readable.


your screenshot probably contains example data and not real values first of all both longitude and latitude are 4 bytes as per your documentation and there is an example of normal packet in your documentation based on that packets data lat and long are as follows 4E 41 4F 51 53 N AOQS 45 42 9B 7D 5C E B›}\ these are normal IEEE ...


Yes, according to the documentation there's an additional API supported by LocationManager, called requestSingleUpdate that can be used to receive a single location update. Since both requestSingleUpdate and requestLocationUpdates use overloading and have multiple prototypes (and thus implementations) please make sure to hook and support them all. As a ...

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