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What is the format of this time?

Converting the numbers to ASCII, we get: 0 ~ 9 = 0 ~ 9 (0x30 ~ 0x39) 10 ~ 35 = A ~ Z (0x41 ~ 0x5a) 36 ~ 61 = a ~ z (0x61 ~ 0x7a) It is encoded this way probably to make it human-readable.
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How to convert hex data to decimal degree latitude and longitude?

your screenshot probably contains example data and not real values first of all both longitude and latitude are 4 bytes as per your documentation and there is an example of normal packet in your ...
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Android: How many ways for getting GPS location

Yes, according to the documentation there's an additional API supported by LocationManager, called requestSingleUpdate that can be used to receive a single location update. Since both ...
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