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finding unknown CRC 32 bit algorithm used in a firmware file

OK my question didn't age well. Turns out "RevEng" was the tool I needed: reveng.exe -w 32 -fs 010139. reveng.exe: warning: you have only given 1 sample reveng.exe: ...
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Firmware disassembler for c-sky processor (ck803s)

The whole problem is that all versions of objdump and even llvm-objdump incorrectly disassemble 32-bit instructions of C-SKY processors, I managed to find a working objdump version 2.27 on the website ...
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Firmware disassembler for c-sky processor (ck803s)

You've asked multiple questions. I don't know that version of objdump enough to comment on whether its a bug or missing option. However, I can explain how the 32-bit instructions work. The c-sky ...
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