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Section information is not used at all when the kernel loads a program into memory to create its process image. In other words, execution in no way depends on section information. Stripping section information from a binary is not in and of itself necessarily an indicator of dangerous/criminal functionality, although it can serve to make analysis more ...


From what you describe, there might be somewhere in the SW an obscure algorithm calculating the seed. If there is no pattern which can be found, you must find this algo in the software. Here are some hints how you could proceed: Start it from within a debugger like Ida and set a random breakpoint during the run. Try to analyze the structure of the code ...


Most RTOS code is usually a single monolithic binary and is not split into separate binaries like a high-level OS. Usually there is some startup code, some library routines and user-provided code in forms of tasks which are nothing more than simple functions performing the necessary work in a simple infinite loop. The “main function” called by the RTOS ...


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