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From Sometimes you will see warnings in the decompiler view stating that there are too many branches to recover a jumptable. One reason for this is that there actually is a jump table, but the decompiler can’t determine bounds on the switch variable For your example, this is saying there may a jump table (which is really just an array of ...


I guess that you won't be happy if, while analyzing a malware, a certain pattern in the executable binary makes Hex-rays connect to an evil server somewhere in the World with your account and download a payload on your system... And, yes, there have been some examples where security analysis software have been pinpointed with security threats. The last I ...


After posting the question, I started to think about the difference in the libc I was using. I compiled the basic test binary again but with musl, and also saw the unexpected behavior there. This seems to be due to the printf implementation in musl: if (isdigit(s[1]) && s[2]=='$') { l10n=1; argpos = s[1]-'0'; ...


If I get your question right This link can help you to get the password of office files.


I found the solution when reading these two articles: (Extracting the NPP Address) (Finding the NPP)

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